Smart nutrition for fat loss

Ready to shed a few pounds? Hey, welcome to the club! At some point in our life, most of us will be looking for ways to lose fat and shape up our figure.

The only question is, how are you going to do it? The articles below outline the smart strategy—the way that leads to excellent results and maximizes your chances of keeping the weight off.

No BS, no fads, no crazy scams based on pills, shakes, and ridiculous diets—just a science-based strategy that works.

The No. 1 problem with the fitness industry

Ever seen an ad promising you could lose “30 pounds in 30 days”? Read this and find out the truth.

Why one size (diet) does not fit all

Yeah, you could follow the 1,000-calorie diet in your women’s magazine. Here’s why that’s not such a good idea.

Is weight regain inevitable?

Some of the studies are awfully discouraging—but here’s why you are not doomed to regain.

How potatoes make you fat (not)

Learn why America’s favorite “vegetable” is actually not the enemy.

Hunger sucks!

Find out how this one nutrient makes a huge difference in your ability to stick to your food plan.

The anti-deprivation diet

Check this out if you want a food plan that doesn’t require starvation.

The Paleo diet: pros and cons

I review what’s smart and what’s silly about this popular food plan.

What I think about ‘clean eating’

Will you lose weight simply because you make healthy food choices? Find out in this controversial article.

Your diet is working . . . so what?

Why ‘weight loss’ alone does not mean your food plan gets a gold star.

Dangerous dieting

How making the wrong food choices actually damages your metabolism.

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