The power of your mind

I won’t lie to you: building the body of your dreams is hard work. And it’s not just a matter of calories and workouts. Attitude, motivation, and behavior change are at least half the battle. That’s why we need to engage that beautiful muscle between our ears.

These articles can help you change your mind and your habits in order to change your body.

So your last diet was a disaster . . .

No worries! Here’s how to use what you learned to succeed next time.

Why you can keep the weight off

It’s true. Most people do regain the weight. Let me tell you why this should not discourage you—and why I’m convinced you can succeed.

Why you need a food journal

This single unsexy technique greatly improves your odds of successful weight loss.

One simple trick to beat a craving

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your trigger foods. Here’s a simple strategy that helps you say no.

Are you a ‘victim’ to your scale?

If the number you see determines your happiness, it’s time to learn a new response.

The toxic effects of ‘fat talk’

It turns out that the more you diss yourself, the more dissatisfied you become with your body image.

One of the best tools to beat depression

Yes, I know sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get off the couch. But even small amounts of exercise make a big difference.

Why you need a body or fitness goal

Want to get fired up? Here’s how goal-setting can help.

Could obesity be ‘catching’?

Yes! Your social circle influences you in ways you can’t imagine.


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